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CARES Act (H.R. 748)
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$675 million for Small Business Administration Salaries, $25,000,000 for SBA Inspector General

$265 million for "Entrepreneurial Development Grants"

$240,000,000 in grants for small business development centers

Training people how to run their businesses during COVID. With an additional $25,000,000 for advertising it on a website and training the trainers

$25,000,000 to make sure SBA services are offered in ten languages other than English

$10 million for the Minority Business Development Agency.

"Socially disadvantaged individuals" get their own business-in-the-time-of-Coronavirus training programs.

$48.3 million for sex education

If millennials and zoomers are having less sex than ever, do we really need to keep teaching them how to do it?

$32 billion for aviation industry workers

Also $100 million for the bureaucrats handling the money. If we bail out airlines, why don't we bail out the industry providing it with fuel? 

$150 billion to bail out state, local, and tribal governments

$3 billion for District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

$25 million for the "Distance Learning, Telemedicine, and Broadband Program"

$100 million for a broadband pilot program for urban and rural areas

Defund The Police mega-fail: Federal, state and local law enforcement coronavirus funds

$850 million for local law enforcement, $15 million for the US Marshals, $20 million for the FBI, $15 million for the DEA, $100 million for the Federal Prison System

$20 million for NOAA to respond to coronavirus


$60 million for NASA to respond to coronavirus, $75 million for the National Science Foundation

$50 million for the Legal Services Corporation

$12.5 million for Dept of Interior "Water and related resources", $8.1 million for "Policy and Administration"

$99.5 million for the Dept of Energy, with an additional $28 million for "Departmental administration"

$3.3 million for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

$250 million for the IRS

Thank goodness they're being looked after. 

$400 million for "Election Security Grants", $200 million for the FCC

Additional $5 million for "Emergency planning" in Washington DC

$275 million for the GSA Federal Buildings Fund

$18.65 million for the "Federal Citizen Services Fund"

$8.1 million for the National Archives and Records Administration

$121 million for the Office of Personnel Management, $80 million for the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee

$178.3 million for DHS, $100 million for the TSA

$7.5 million for Smithsonian salaries and expenses

$25 million for the Kennedy Center

Roughly $3500 per employee, and they still laid people offKennedy Center Announces Layoffs Hours After Receiving $25 Million in Stimulus Bill by Bronson Stocking (

$75 million for National Endowment for the Arts, $75 million for National Endowment of the Humanities

$30.75 billion for the "Education Stabilization Fund"

Providing tens of millions to univerisities with endowments worth tens of billions (complete payout list : Allocations for Section 18004(a)(1) of CARES Act (

$75 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, $50 million for the Office of Museum and Library Services

$25 million for House of Representatives salaries and expenses

Additional $9 million for "miscellaneous items"

$25 million for Capitol Construction and operations

$2.15 billion for Department of Veterans Affairs IT systems

In contrast to $606 million for medial facilities

$324 million for Dept of State Diplomatic Programs

$95 million for US Agency for International Development

$258 for International Disaster Assistance

$350 million for Migration and Refugee Assistance

$107 million for the Millennium Challenge Corporation

$3 billion for the International Development Association

$10 billion in FAA airport grants

$1 billion for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation

$492 million for Northeast Corridor grants, $526 million for National Network grants

$25 billion for FTA Transit Infrastructure grants

$35 million for HUD Administrative support offices, $15 million for Program Offices