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H.R.1 (For the People Act)
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Mandatory online voter registration with no identity verification

If the applicant is unable to provide a signature, states are required to "permit the individual to provide a signature at the time the individual requests a ballot in an election (whether the individual requests the ballot at a polling place or requests the ballot by mail)".

Mandatory automatic voter registration

Any application for services, assistance, change of address, or enrollment in college courses will require automatic voter registration unless explicitly declined.

States required to allow voters to update information at time of vote

States also required to update computer systems to reflect changes. $500,000,000 in grants authorized for this requirement, 

Mandatory nationwide same-day voter registration

$25 million to encourage minors to vote, including modifying civics courses

We're not teaching kids civics anymore, just how to check the box

"Such sums as may be necessary" for a pilot program encouraging high school seniors to register and vote

Mandatory nationwide registration of 16 year olds to vote

Criminalizing any person making false statements about an election.

If you make a meme about election day being on the wrong day, you're going to jail for 5 years and paying a $100,000 fine

Mandatory restoration of voting rights in federal elections for felons

Revocation of prison funds for states that don't notify released prisoners of their right to vote

Mandatory counting of Provisional Ballots

Mandatory two weeks of 10 hour days of early voting

Mandatory universal mail-in voting, with mandatory ballot curing for discrepancies

Invalidation of state voter ID laws, mandatory acceptance of sworn written statement as substitute

Mandatory pre-paid postage for absentee ballots

Mandatory availability of voting materials in foreign languages

"Such sums as may be necessary" for a mandatory state Voter Hotlines

Mandatory ballot drop boxes available for 45 days, with accessibility for people with poor English language skills

Mandatory curbside voting

Election Day declared legal public holiday

$10 million for the Election Assistance Commission, with reduced contracting restrictions

DC Statehood propaganda

Federal takeover of state redistricting process

Federal restrictions on removing ineligible voters from voter rolls

Use of prisoners' previous addresses in census to use prisoners for apportionment of representatives in Congress

Reduced security clearance requirements for state election officials

Strategy to counter "disinformation", from foreign or domestic actors

Authorizing the government (in partnership with the intelligence community) to form a strategy to counter "disinformation", from foreign or domestic actors

Establishment of commission to "counter efforts against democratic institutions"

A government task force on twitter bots

Expansion of FEC regulations to any paid internet or digital communication

Public disclosure of identities of any online political ad purchasers

Gotta know who to cancel. 

Independent study on "media literacy" of citizens

The government needs to know how resistant to the Narrative you are. 

Expanding disclaimer requirements to all forms of political advertisement

"I'm blah blah blah and I approve this tweet." 

Public disclosure of "top five" and "top two" donors for political ad campaigns

Name and shame. 

Requiring public companies to provide shareholders with information on political donations

Requiring government contractors to disclose political donations

Anti-Citizens United Propaganda

$10 million per state for the "My Voice Voucher Program"

States will give out $25 gift cards that potential voters can donate to any political candidate they choose. Taking money from the treasury to fund political campiagns. 

The Small Dollar Democracy Program

The Small Dollar Democracy Program. Whatever small dollar donations a politician recieves will get a 600% match from the government (up to $50,000). More of politicians paying themselves to campaign. 

Up to $500,000 in additional funding for Small Dollar Democracy participants for general election

Authorizing political candidates to use campaign funds for personal expenses

Political purge of the FEC commission