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Omnibus 2021 (H.R. 133)
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$500,000 for the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys

Out of the $12.5 million for the Commission on Civil Rights

$436 million for the Equal Opportunity Commission

$2.86 billion for DOE Renewable Energy Programs

Peanuts compared to the renewables funding later in the bill.

$40 million in tuition assistance for Washington DC residents

$135.5 million for the Hartford Connecticut Federal Courthouse, $94.5 million for the Chattanooga, TN Federal Courthouse

Additional $576.6 million for alterations and reapairs for federal buildings

$9.9 million for the Presidential Transition

Nearly $10 million just to change out Presidents. 

$33.7 million for EPA buildings and facilities

 Hopefully they'll stop pooping in the hallways (EPA Employees Asked To Stop Pooping In The Hallway | HuffPost)

$40.4 million for the Kennedy Center

he $25 million from the CARES Act didn't cut it. 

$167.5 million for the National Endowment for the Arts

in addition to the $75 million from CARES Act)

$167.5 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities

(in addition to the $75 million from CARES Act)

$27.2 billion for Dept. of Labor IT modernization

$390.9 million for the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

$3.75 billion for Low Income home energy assistance

$1.86 billion for Refugee and Entrant Assistance

$17.2 billion for Education for the Disadvantaged

$251 million for Howard University

$2.54 billion for study abroad

$11.9 million for the Joint Committee on Taxation

$6 million for the Open World Leadership Trust Fund

A networking organization for Congress and Eurasia. 

Plastic straw ban for Capitol vendors

$740 million for Education and Cultural Exchange Programs

$793 million Broadcasting Operations in the Middle East

$45 million for the United States Institute of Peace

$20 million for the Asia Foundation

$19.7 million for the East-West Center in Hawaii

$300 million for the National Endowment for Democracy

A slush fund for the State Department

$3.2 billion for global health programs

$290 million for promoting democracy globally

$3.4 billion for Migration and Refugee assistance

$912 million for the Millennium Challenge Corporation

$33 million for the US African Development Foundation

$1 billion for the International Development Association

$47.3 million for the Asian Development Fund

$54.6 million for the African Development Bank

$171 million for the African Development Fund

$40 million in aid for Egypt's higher education system

With $15 million in scholarships for Egyptian students

$10 million for higher education programs in Malawi

$15 million for democracy programs and $8 million for "conflict mitigation and reconciliation programs" in South Sudan

$235 million for foreign higher education programs

Additional $81.9 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund and Higher Education Relief Fund

Additional $20 million for Howard University

Additional $1 billion for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation

$655.4 million for Northeast Corridor grants, $344.6 million for National Network grants

$15 billion bailout for passenger airlines

Additional $1 billion for contractors

$285 million for the "Connecting Minority Communities" Pilot Program

Enhanced penalties for playing copyrighted material while streaming

Sorry e-girls, no music in the cam show. 

Reauthorization of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program

Of which 90% has been misspentNinety Percent of EPA Stimulus Funding for Diesel Reduction Program Misspent (

$35 million for Emissions Reductions projects

$50 million for the "Carbon Utilization Program"

"Such sums as may be necessary" for a new Smithsonian Women's History Museum

Whatever it takes. 

$35 million a year for the new National Museum of the American Latino

New Dept. of National Intelligence Climate Security Advisory Council

Retrofitting schools with wind and solar energy, and developing a recognition program for green schools

Water and energy efficiency mandates for federal buildings

Energy efficient data centers, Energy Efficient IT systems

Reduced air flow requirements for ceiling fans, increased energy efficiency requirements

$1.73 billion for the Weatherization Assistance Program

(abbreviated WAP), $330 million for 2021, increasing to $350 million per year in 2022

$305 million for geothermal FORGE program sites

Up to three sites will conduct geothermal research as ‘Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy' sites

$850 million for Geothermal energy research and development

$625 million for Wind Energy Research and Development

With a focus on putting "underrepresented groups" to work in the industry

$1.5 billion for Solar Energy Research and development

$1 billion for Battery energy storage research

$75 million for Energy Storage technology and microgrid assistance grants

With a public awareness campaign to boot

$8 billion for Carbon Capture technology

$250 for high efficiency wind turbines research and development

$175 million to identify the best carbon removal technologies

A tree. It's a tree. 

$500 million for the Industrial Emissions Reduction Technology Development Program

$2.3 billion for the "smart grid modernization program"

$2.5 billion for Sustainable Transportation research and development

$75 million for a vaccination awareness campaign

Just to make sure people know it won't turn them into a lizard person. 

Federal takeover of horseracing regulation